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Bonfire Night Beauty

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Whether your staying in and sitting by the fire or going out, sparklers and toffee apple in tow, it's always fun to make the most of bonfire night with a super sparkly makeup look. 

If you're going out, why not opt for some glitter art both on your nails (of course) and on your eyes! Try using our Eyeliner Dazzlers to create the perfect eyeliner and firework-like flicks. If you aren't quite daring enough to go all out with the glitter, just apply it over your usual liner to add a bit of sparkle and definition. 

For nails, glitter always works best so try an all-over polish like our Pro Sequins Nail Polishes or go for a more sublte ombre or accent nail. Either way, this is for sure a great Bonfire Night look! 

Full nail and eye tutorials coming this week! 

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