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4 Basic Steps: How to Shape and Fill in Your Eyebrows

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The difference a well styled brow can make to your face is huge; it opens the eyes, frames the face and even provides a more youthful look. Some of the best celebrity makeup looks are competently made by the fact their brows are done right, take Kim Kardashian for example, she has a fuller, bolder brow that frames her face perfectly and draws you into her eyes. 

So here are our four basic steps on how to shape and fill in your eyebrows: 

Plot Out The Shape

Using our handy diagram above, it's all about the 1, 2, 3 (and sometimes 4) method. Start by plotting out where your natural eyebrow should be by taking your eyebrow pencil, such as our Expert Eyebrow Pencil, and holding it vertically from your nostril; where it hits should be the natural front section of your brow. Repeat this step by holding the pencil level with the centre of your eye to find the arch and finally level with your eyes outer corner to find the tail of your brow. It's best to plot out these points to begin with to make sure your on track right from the start. 

Fill In Your Brows

Next you want to fill in your brows with a shade slightly lighter than your own, for the most natural look, and begin at the front section using light, short strokes to mimic the natural growth of your brows. Then move onto the middle filling in any sparse areas and finally move on to the tail, making sure you stick to the point you created earlier - this line should also be thinner than the rest of your brows. 

Final Trim

This step isn't essential but is likely to be necessary if you are between brow appointments. Using a pair of tweezers, pluck out any stray hairs from under the brows to lift the arch, making sure to avoid the top of the brow where possible as this will give the opposite, lifted effect. 

Finish & Set

Use a spoolie to comb through your brows and distribute any large product areas from the pencil. Finish off your brows by fixing everything in place with a clear or tinted brow gel, like our Pro Brow Fix Highlighter, to ensure your brows stay put all day. 

So that's it, create perfect brows to suit your face shape in four easy steps. And you only need two products to do it! 


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