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2True Nail Shape Guide

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The shape of your nails can dramatically alter the whole look and feel that you are trying to achieve and with so many shapes to choose from, it can sometimes be a tough decision deciding which is right for you! To make things easier (and to make your polish look as flawless as ever) we've put together this handy guide to the nail shapes of 2015.


This style is the classic and timeless option of the bunch. The top of the nail should be completely flat, while the sides should be straight reflecting that of a square. This is the strongest of all nail shapes. 


Similar to the square but with rounded off corners, this again is the fail-safe option. This is a universally flattering shape and is the most popular choice for those wanting a natural but still classic look.


The most practical of all nails, the rounded shape follows the natural curve of the nail and features no sharo edges or points. This is usually worn on shorter nails and works well on those prone to breaking. 


This is the longer alternative to the rounded nail shape with the sides of the nail beginning straight and slowly curving to meet the tip. This shape looks best on longer, wider nails as you get the full over shape. 


This shape is achieved by tapering the sides of the nail to a rounded off point. This works best on longer natural nails or acrylics as the tapered edges can weaken the nails support. 


This nail shape is the most on-trend of the moment, made popular by Kylie Jenner. This style features tapered sides leading to a flatted point at the tip, so not the most practical but we're definitely loving this shape at 2True HQ! As with the almond shape, this requires strong or acrylic nails. 


The stiletto shape is the most dramatic of the bunch and is great if you want to draw peoples attention. This style has significantly tapered sides leading to a sharp point, making this the least practical of all shapes. Even so, we love this shape but it definitely works best on longer gel or acrylic nails as it can weaken the natural nail significantly. 

We hope this guide was helpful and we'd love to see which nail shapes you are rocking! Tweet us @2TrueUK with your photos! And, add a splash of colour to your new nail shape with our range of Fast Dry, Glossywear and Pro polishes HERE!


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